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What Would the Rockefellers Do?
Have you ever wondered if the wealthy play by a different set of rules?
The answer is: Yes, they do.
Through a customized, one-on-one Cash Recovery Overview, we identify inefficiencies in the areas of taxes, debt, and investments.

Taxes: Are you being proactive or reactive with your tax planning? Do you have a clear, forward thinking tax strategy? Do you have the right corporate structure for your business? Are you maximizing EVERY deduction available to you?

Debt: Are you overpaying in interest? Do you clearly understand the most efficient way to pay off your debt? Are you properly leveraging your dollars?

Investments: Do you have a clear exit strategy to access your money? Are you practicing arbitrage? Are your investments safe, secure, liquid and guaranteed? Are you aware of every fee and charge associated with your investment? Are your investments aligned with your purpose and passion?

Then, we will work with you to create a system that recaptures these dollars so they are safe, secure, liquid and guaranteed. Allowing you to produce at the highest level in your business and life.

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My Cash Flow Banking policy has become the cornerstone of my financial peace of mind.  I'm now able to focus my attention on my Soul Purpose without stressing about my wealth - Peter Scott IV, #1 Best Selling Author of "The Fearless Mindset"

Using the Cash Flow Banking system has created great clarity around my finances and empowered me when making investments in myself and the people and things that I care most about in life. - Michael W. Buffington, D.C.

Garrett and Michael have done it again! This book is going to reshape our generation's thinking about wealth and the values that create a legacy. When you read "What Would the Rockefellers Do" and apply the principles, you will sleep very well at night, knowing that you have a plan to secure your family's future for generations to come. - Jonathan Sprinkles

Working with Optic Financial has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. They have given us peace of mind that we not only have security in our financial future, but also have existing funds readily accessible for any current need that may arise. We find that we no longer worry about money for the future, which has allowed us to live in the present and enjoy life even more. Working with Optic Financial has been a great experience because of their passion and commitment to their clients' well being. We would encourage anyone who is considering working with Optic Financial to not wait, get started today! - Jennifer L. Moran DDS and Paul Driscoll

As a serial direct marketer, I am committed to helping entrepreneurs and businesses accumulate wealth...but I know that being truly successful also includes preserving that wealth too, making it possible  to pass it on to future generations.

I know that teaching marketing alone will not get them where they need to go... And when I thought I wanted them to learn "what the Rockefellers did" in this area, I realized what I really wanted them to do was "what Garrett Gunderson and Michael Isom DO!."

What Would The Rockefellers Do? is a must read for anyone interested in having their hard work (and wealth) last longer than one generation...and the polite way Garrett and Michael debunk much of what we think we know about building wealth is refreshing and instructive. And the best part it will lead to a course of action that will be game-changing for anyone's financial future. - Brian Kurtz, Titans Marketing LLC and business builder at Boardroom Inc....and "serial direct marketer"

My wife Candice and I were introduced to Michael in 2012.  When he introduced us to Cash Flow Banking we were amazed.  Amazed that no one had ever told us about this before, and at what an incredible vehicle for wealth building this could be for us.  Michael helped us convert an existing life insurance policy into one that was much better suited for cash flow banking.  Since then we have purchased 2 other life insurance policies with the same company.  We have borrowed money from our policies now on several occasions.  Knowing we can avoid the hassle of borrowing from a bank, and pay ourselves interest has been very financially empowering.  Seeing our cash value accumulate at 5% a month has been something we never experienced in any other investment vehicle.  We are delighted with the security and peace of mind Cash Flow Banking has given us. Many Thanks Michael! - Jim and Candice Bentz

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